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Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Jan 24, 2019


image003You might be familiar with the FarmLab Innovations products that are carefully formulated to boost sanitation and cut down on required cleaning time. Cutting edge offerings like Swash™Dust Repel and Swash™ House are quickly becoming an essential part of cleaning routines for poultry and swine producers. While these products are new to the industry, the experts behind them certainly aren’t. At FarmLab Innovations, we take great pride in being a part of the Piedmont Chemical Industries family, which has held a prominent place in our industry for over 80 years. This equates to a significant amount of experience and expertise spanning over four generations! We are thrilled to grow and develop alongside notable brands like Dooley Chemicals, Ethox, and others.

Beyond just delivering quality products, Piedmont Chemical is committed to positively impacting the community and its residents. In 2018, the Wilson family generously donated $28M to the North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles, transforming it into the Wilson College of Textiles. Fred Wilson is a 1961 graduate of the program. He explains that his gift to the college illustrates a commitment to a school that, much like the textiles industry, has continued to evolve despite the economic downturns of the late 20th century. Piedmont Chemical Industries was founded in 1938 support the local textile industry and continues to manufacture a number of textile chemicals. The Wilsons also give their time and energy to worthy causes.

This focus on the greater good benefits team members in all positions within FarmLab Innovations. Thanks to support from Piedmont Chemical Industries, Sales and Marketing Support Specialist Emma Cannon is currently spending time in Uganda as she collects data for a thesis project titled Curriculum Adoption by Ugandan Secondary School Teachers. Cannon has also spent six months teaching 6th graders in Ghana as an AgriCorps Fellow, alongside the NGO.

When speaking about these experiences Cannon says, "Blessed doesn't begin to describe how I feel about my time thus far with FarmLab Innovations. This isn't just another ag chemical company selling farmers a product. We aim to truly help farmers by asking them what they need instead of telling them what they need.  The leadership of this company does just the same. In my short time with FarmLab, I've been able to grow personally and professionally while being led by employers who care not only about the marketing efforts of our team, but about my life and my family."

This desire to foster a positive corporate culture and remain committed to the good of the community makes it easy to see why many employees within the Piedmont Chemical Industries family have served as engaged and active team members for decades.

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