Focus on farrowing room sanitation for improved livability

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Feb 26, 2019

A focus on farrowing room sanitation is a critical part of improved livability. There are a number of factors that make maintaining ideal sanitation difficult in this type of space, including the sheer amount of use these rooms get, rodents that infiltrate, plus tight deadlines for turning over the rooms in between litters. However, failure to maintain ideal sanitation in farrowing rooms can yield significant bio-security-related issues. As we’ve discussed before, determining how clean the surfaces in your swine house truly can prove challenging. As a result, without careful attention to the space, disease can thrive. Common diseases that impact farrowing rooms include:

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Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Aug 29, 2018

Are the surfaces in your swine units truly as clean as you might hope? When you look at a surface on your sow farm, you may think you’re staring at the picture of sanitation and cleanliness. But when you test that same surface under a microscope, you might be shocked and concerned by what you find. A surface that appears clean can actually be flooded with micropores. This area then becomes a prime environment for microorganisms and dirt to attach, yielding germs and disease. This can be devastating, particularly when you’re housing piglets with vulnerable immune systems. Here are some tips for ensuring complete swine house cleanliness:

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