Swine Manure Management Planning: How to Maintain Nutrient Value And Maintain Safe Lagoon Levels

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Oct 8, 2019

Swine manure management planning is serious business. Swine farmers have to consider a variety of factors — ranging from how much water they use when cleaning their swine houses, to the weather itself.  The weather is a particular nuisance since there is little we can do to control the amount of rain we receive.  

But for farmers using either manure management system – deep pit or lagoons – managing the amount of water used during cleaning will have a big impact on successful manure management.  Farms that use SWASHHOUSE, however, know that because of the revolutionary product, they are able to utilize 30 percent less water during cleaning time.

Being able to use so much less water during cleaning time is a huge benefit to those in pig production.  For lagoon users — they do not have to race against the clock to pump out huge amounts of water if an unexpected rainstorm rolls through, if they’ve used significantly less water when cleaning farrowing crates, side walls, nurseries and finishers.  For deep pit users – reducing water used during cleaning helps them maintain the appropriate or higher nutrient value in the deep pit system on their farms much more easily. And this means more value to them.

Beyond reducing water usage during the cleaning process, SWASHHOUSE has also been shown to improve sanitation and reduce required cleaning time by as much as 50 percent.

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How to Reduce the Threat of Salmonella In Poultry Houses

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Sep 25, 2019

Salmonella is a huge concern right now in the poultry farming world.

Typically, poultry breeder and layer operations have a 6 - 10 month flock, followed by a 4 - 5 week down time. During that down time when the flock is gone, the farms have to go through the cleaning process, and a lot of cleaning has to be done.

If the farm or production system is having salmonella challenges, then obviously the degree of cleanliness spikes substantially.

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Reflecting On the Growth & Evolution of the SWASH™ Product Line in 2019

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Aug 1, 2019

One year ago, the FarmLab Innovations team launched the SWASH™ product line with the goal of bringing our lab to your farm in order to offer new and innovative solutions to longstanding challenges. In that time, we have committed to revolutionizing the animal agriculture industry through these carefully formulated liquid products that boost sanitation levels in poultry and swine houses.

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SWASHHOUSE™ vs. SWASHDUST-REPEL™: Which Option Is Right For You?

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Jun 11, 2019

Both SWASHDUST-REPEL and SWASHHOUSE are products designed to make sanitation routines more effective, efficient, and eco-friendly in poultry and swine facilities.

Since both products save both time and water as you wash fans, nest boxes, breeder ramps, farrowing rooms, nurseries and related equipment, the two can be mistaken to serve the same purpose — however, each individual product offers distinct benefits depending on your needs and goals.

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Committing to Biosecurity to Boost Sustainability

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Apr 24, 2019

Committing to biosecurity is essential for producers who are committed to protecting animal health and preserving resources for the next generation. Without a focus on proper biosecurity, animals are at greater risk for infection and disease. These issues pose a serious threat to animals’ longevity, and can impede a grower’s ability to successfully pass down his or her assets to future generations.

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Boosting Wean Weights at the End of the Farrowing Period

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Apr 10, 2019

A number of factors play a crucial role in the delicate first days of a piglet’s life. Proper farrowing room conditions are critical, as piglets emerge with highly fragile immune systems and struggle with body temperature regulation. This makes them susceptible to illness. Pig scours are another common issue, and can quickly spread bacteria (such as E. coli and Clostridium perfringens Type C), while posing a serious threat to a piglet’s well-being.

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Focus on farrowing room sanitation for improved livability

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Feb 26, 2019

A focus on farrowing room sanitation is a critical part of improved livability. There are a number of factors that make maintaining ideal sanitation difficult in this type of space, including the sheer amount of use these rooms get, rodents that infiltrate, plus tight deadlines for turning over the rooms in between litters. However, failure to maintain ideal sanitation in farrowing rooms can yield significant bio-security-related issues. As we’ve discussed before, determining how clean the surfaces in your swine house truly can prove challenging. As a result, without careful attention to the space, disease can thrive. Common diseases that impact farrowing rooms include:

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Why We're Dedicated To Community and Sustainable Farming

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Jan 24, 2019


You might be familiar with the FarmLab Innovations products that are carefully formulated to boost sanitation and cut down on required cleaning time. Cutting edge offerings like SWASHDUST-REPEL and SWASHHOUSE are quickly becoming an essential part of cleaning routines for poultry and swine producers. While these products are new to the industry, the experts behind them certainly aren’t. At FarmLab Innovations, we take great pride in being a part of the Piedmont Chemical Industries family, which has held a prominent place in our industry for over 80 years. This equates to a significant amount of experience and expertise spanning over four generations! We are thrilled to grow and develop alongside notable brands like Dooley Chemicals, Ethox, and others.

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Looking Back on an Innovative, Exciting 2018

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Dec 13, 2018

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is drawing to a close. It’s been a productive, enlightening year at FarmLab Innovations, and we extend our thanks and gratitude to all of our clients and partners. At the beginning of this year, we were focused on offering a litter amendment product to make growers’ lives easier. However our mission has always been to bring our lab to your farm, and in one of our conversations with a grower, we realized that dust buildup on fans was a continual problem. “We can fix this,” we said to ourselves. After hours spent refining our products, SWASHDUST-REPELTM and SWASHHOUSETM were born. SWASHDUST-REPELTM is now successfully used to control dust buildup on fans in poultry houses, while SWASHHOUSETM has found an important place in farrowing rooms in order to stop the development of organic matter.

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How to Make Farming Sustainable For the Next Generation

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Nov 27, 2018

As a grower, you’re focused on providing nourishment for others, but you know you’re also providing for your own family, too. It’s a unique and important position that carries a lot of responsibility. Because the land you’re working will get passed down to your kids, and then to their children, sustainable farming practices are of the utmost importance. You want to feel certain that your land is in the best shape possible for your family, as well as for those in your community. Here are some key tips for preserving the land and making farming more sustainable:

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