Reflecting On the Growth & Evolution of the SWASH™ Product Line in 2019

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Aug 1, 2019

One year ago, the FarmLab Innovations team launched the SWASH™ product line with the goal of bringing our lab to your farm in order to offer new and innovative solutions to longstanding challenges. In that time, we have committed to revolutionizing the animal agriculture industry through these carefully formulated liquid products that boost sanitation levels in poultry and swine houses.

Originally, when we launched in 2018, we were focused on offering a litter amendment product to make growers’ lives easier. However, when we realized that dust buildup on fans was a continual problem for our partners, we refined our products to create SWASHDUST-REPEL and SWASHHOUSE, as well as SWASHEQUIPMENT and SWASHCOOL-CELL.

Throughout the year, implementation of our products continued to expand. It also became clear that our products actually had uses far beyond what they were originally developed for. We have expanded far beyond simply serving the livestock industry -- you can click here to read more about the variety of industries that utilize our SWASH™ products, including basically any industry that utilizes vehicles or other equipment that requires frequent cleaning, from carwashes to hay balers and beyond.

We also doubled our distribution -- we have grown from serving 40 stores to 92 stores since January 2019, and we’re incredibly grateful for all of our distributors, including:

Check out the infographic below to see some of the other major ways that FarmLab Innovations has continued to grow and evolve in the past year:

FarmLab-Reach-Infographic_1yearb (1)

Learn more about how FarmLab Innovations and the SWASH product line can benefit you.

While the name FarmLab Innovations may be new, our brand has a long history. We’re proud to be part of Piedmont Chemical Industries, a company that’s served as a formidable presence in the field for more than 80 years. Our highly trained scientists draw on their collective 200 years of experience in order to effectively innovate and solve problems that continue to plague our industry.

Ready to learn how we can help your business alter the way surfaces collect organic soil or organic waste products and inhibits the formation of organic films, decrease unwanted matter build-up on surfaces, improve cleaning times and cleaning effectiveness, and reduce your environmental footprint? Click here for more information about the SWASH™ product line, or contact us directly here

We extend our thanks and gratitude to all of our clients and partners -- we are grateful for your support and appreciate you helping us grow to where we are today.


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We’re bringing our lab to your farm in order to offer new and innovative solutions to longstanding challenges. We’re committed to revolutionizing the animal agriculture industry through our high-quality, practical products. To receive updates on research, resources and industry news, subscribe below!

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