Make Light Trap Sanitation Easy and Ensure Optimal Bird Health

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on May 29, 2019

To manage poultry’s energy levels, regulate hormones, and improve immune function, integrators should closely control the number of hours of light that their animals receive each day. When they’re less than 20 weeks old, birds need between eight and 10 hours of light daily, and after 20 weeks they can receive roughly 15 hours of light each day.

Light traps play a key role in controlling the light levels birds receive as they develop to maturity. Because of their importance, integrators spend a significant amount of time focusing on the care and cleaning of light traps. Light traps have a complex structure and can prove difficult for even the most attentive integrator to sanitize. The honeycomb composition of the equipment allows dust and dirt to accumulate quickly, and this problematic buildup often lingers.

Light traps naturally put a strain on exhaust fans. When buildup within light traps isn’t taken care of, the strain on fans becomes even more serious. This shortens the equipment’s life span, while also driving up energy bills. Finding a product that can effectively tackle the cleaning of light traps plays a crucial role in equipment maintenance and protecting bird health.

SWASHDUST-REPEL is a unique formula that creates a protective shield that significantly reduces dust buildup on light traps, making cleaning both easier and faster. SWASHDUST-REPEL™ can cut down on the required cleaning time by 50 percent, you’ll use 30 percent less water as you clean, and you’ll see a 20 percent boost in fan performance with use. In clinical trials, houses that have been treated using SWASHDUST-REPEL™ significantly outperformed those that weren’t relying on the product. The accompanying images illustrate the power of this product when it comes to treating light traps.

SWASH™ Dust Repel   FarmLab Innovations

After building SWASHDUST-REPEL into your sanitation regimen, you’ll find that you’re able to easily blow off dust and buildup using a leaf blower, rather than having to spend hours using a power washer to sanitize the equipment, while still inevitably leaving dust and buildup behind. The light traps get and stay cleaner, and no longer require weeks of attention between flocks in order to see proper sanitation.

If you’re interested in incorporating SWASHDust-Repel into your cleaning regimen, click here to get more information or to place an order.

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