How to Reduce the Threat of Salmonella In Poultry Houses

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Sep 25, 2019

Salmonella is a huge concern right now in the poultry farming world.

Typically, poultry breeder and layer operations have a 6 - 10 month flock, followed by a 4 - 5 week down time. During that down time when the flock is gone, the farms have to go through the cleaning process, and a lot of cleaning has to be done.

If the farm or production system is having salmonella challenges, then obviously the degree of cleanliness spikes substantially.


Properly Cleaning Areas Birds Have Had Contact With (& Areas They Haven’t)

The dust on the surfaces birds haven’t touched (like fans, light traps, dark outs, and vents) can harbor bacteria, so it’s important to get those surfaces as clean as possible.

The areas with which the birds have had contact are obviously the most challenging to clean. This can include nest boxes, next pads, ramps, slats, and more — and whether you’re dealing with wood or plastic, there will be an ample amount of labor involved to get these surfaces totally clean and sanitary before the next flock.

The Dangers of Using High Pressure Water to Clean Poultry Houses

Many farms and production systems will utilize high pressure water on these surfaces to clean. But of course, if you’re using high pressure on fan motors and other equipment, you’re putting them at risk. The less pressure applied to things like motors, pulleys, and belts, the better — since that kind of high pressure will negatively impact the lifespan of that equipment.

We designed products like SWASHHOUSE and SWASHDUST-REPEL  to help get poultry houses clean while using as little high pressure water as possible, to keep farm equipment in good working shape for longer.

Finding & Retaining Poultry House Cleaning Staff

Of course, finding and retaining a staff to manage this cleaning process can be a challenge. On that basis, the more that you can do to make this cleaning process as efficient and convenient (and dare we say, pleasant) as possible, the better.

Using products such as SWASHHOUSE and SWASHDUST-REPEL can decrease the amount of time and effort required to fully clean a poultry house, leading to a happier staff more willing to stick around for the long haul.

Where can I find more information about SWASHHOUSE™ & SWASHDUST-REPEL™?

If you are looking for a product that will help you keep your poultry house cleaner while using significantly less water to do so, SWASHHOUSE and SWASHDUST-REPEL are the answers. If you’d like to learn more, please contact FarmLab Innovations here. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.


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