Focus on farrowing room sanitation for improved livability

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Feb 26, 2019

A focus on farrowing room sanitation is a critical part of improved livability. There are a number of factors that make maintaining ideal sanitation difficult in this type of space, including the sheer amount of use these rooms get, rodents that infiltrate, plus tight deadlines for turning over the rooms in between litters. However, failure to maintain ideal sanitation in farrowing rooms can yield significant bio-security-related issues. As we’ve discussed before, determining how clean the surfaces in your swine house truly can prove challenging. As a result, without careful attention to the space, disease can thrive. Common diseases that impact farrowing rooms include:

* Exudative dermatitis

* Swine dysentery

* Mastitis

* Coccidiosis

* Respiratory diseases

* Porcine parvovirus

* African Swine Fever


Farrowing Crate


These illnesses cause significant devastation and invoke a sense of dread. While, unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to eradicate these diseases entirely, there are steps you can take to boost your bio-security and protect livability rates among your animals. A focus on farrowing room sanitation is a key part of this process. There are several ways to ensure that your farrowing rooms meet sanitation standards. These steps include:


A Thorough Cleaning Between Litters


Remove all remaining manure and take care of any feed that may have spilled. Carefully cover or remove delicate items that would get damaged during pressure washing, like heat lamps, fan motors, ventilation controllers, and feed delivery systems.


Pressure Wash Farrowing Rooms Between Litters


Pressure washing is a key component of boosting livability rates. Ensure that those handling the pressure washing are properly trained and always wear adequate protection before they begin this potentially dangerous job. This includes boots, goggles, and a face mask.


Pay Special Attention to Pig Scours


Once pig scours are introduced into a farrowing room, they become especially difficult to get rid of and pose a serious health hazard to current and future litters. Remaining awareness of the presence of pig scours is essential for bio-security.


Disinfect Thoroughly


Develop a regimen of disinfectants that provide the highest level of protection against bacteria and disease in order to preserve the sanitation levels in your farrowing rooms.  SWASH House™ is a highly effective way to clean farrowing rooms, as it impedes organic matter’s ability to linger on surfaces, thus preventing bacteria and disease from continuing to develop.

SWASH House™ is also a valuable tool in farrowing rooms where rust has developed. This is a common concern when using older equipment, as consistent use of cleaning agents can cause rust to develop over time. Because rust is porous, it makes it much easier for bacteria to form in cracks and crevices, causing long-term devastation. SWASH House™ effectively seals off porous surface areas, protecting even rusted equipment against bacteria and disease. When you’re committing to a focus on farrowing room sanitation, this product should be a vital part of your cleaning regimen.

If you’re interested in incorporating SWASH House™ into your farrowing room sanitation routine, click here to get in touch with us.

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