How to Boost Sanitation and Cleanliness in Hatcheries

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Oct 9, 2018

When you’re caring for chicks, it’s essential to cultivate a specific environment inside your hatchery in order to yield optimal bird health. Not only is temperature important, but sanitation procedures are also essential during this critical time in a chick’s life. Here are some tips for those looking to boost sanitation and cleanliness in hatcheries:

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How to Winterize Poultry Houses for Safe, Comfortable Birds

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Sep 20, 2018

It’s hard to believe that winter is almost here, but the fact that we’re nearing the end of September means it’s time to start prepping for a significant drop in temperatures. You’ll want to get poultry houses ready so that birds can enjoy a safe, comfortable environment no matter the weather.  Here are some tips to make sure that you’re completely ready for when winter weather hits:

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How to Protect Bird Health and Deter Bacteria

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Sep 13, 2018

As integrators continue to put an increased amount of focus on the health of their flocks, conditions inside poultry houses remain of the utmost importance. Unwanted dust that’s allowed to collect in these houses can contribute to dangerous bacteria growth, leading to illness in birds. That’s where SWASHDust-Repel comes in. The innovative product decreases dust buildup and makes it easier to clean poultry houses, and may minimize the development of harmful bacteria.

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Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Aug 29, 2018

Are the surfaces in your swine units truly as clean as you might hope? When you look at a surface on your sow farm, you may think you’re staring at the picture of sanitation and cleanliness. But when you test that same surface under a microscope, you might be shocked and concerned by what you find. A surface that appears clean can actually be flooded with micropores. This area then becomes a prime environment for microorganisms and dirt to attach, yielding germs and disease. This can be devastating, particularly when you’re housing piglets with vulnerable immune systems. Here are some tips for ensuring complete swine house cleanliness:

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Surprisingly Simple Solutions for Poultry House Ventilation

Posted by FarmLab Innovations on Aug 22, 2018

Though we’re heading into September, for growers in the South, the hot temperatures won’t be letting up anytime soon. This means you’re relying on full poultry house ventilation well into September, and probably through October too. Even when cooler weather eventually does set in, cleaning fans and maintaining proper air flow efficiency remains a top priority for poultry farmers. If you’re looking to ensure air flow efficiency, control dust issues, and stop power bills from skyrocketing, here are some essential tips:

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